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Need someone you trust to simply edit and upload your podcast episodes? You got it! Plus, we include our organized workflow and accountability. It's the perfect solution for entry-level support!


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Audio Editing


  • Removing background noise (where possible)
  • Sound leveling to podcast industry standards
  • Mixing in additional tracks such as intros, outros, ad or sponsor tracks, etc.
  • Shortening long pauses
  • Removing unwanted dialogue such as excessive verbal crutches, tangents, mistakes, or where specifically indicated
  • Smooth transitions for a finalized track that sounds like it was one continuous recording

Episodes uploaded to podcast host and website

  • Along with show notes, episode graphic, and embedded audio player

(Unedited) Transcript for each episode

  • To help curate any additional content

Private Slack Channel

  • For ongoing communication, consulting, and accountability

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